91 tq wagon smoking

Watts kyle at sopris.net
Thu Jul 15 10:59:02 EDT 2004

Hello all,
 Thanks to all who helped me on my last problem. Now I have a new one. A
brief synopsis: Bought the car in Sacramento. Drove it back to Colorado.
Engine performed flawlessly. Put 3000 miles on it without using any oil.
Then, it starts smoking, only when warm. At first only at lower speeds,
like in 2nd @ 2000 or 3000 rpms. Then it started smoking at higher rpms,
not as bad but visible. The head was rebuilt by 2Bennett 37k miles ago.
Replaced the spongy crankcase hose (pita) thinking it was closing on
vacuum creating the smoke. This lessened the problem but it is still
smoking. It has a hoppen stage 2 chip, rs turbo and em. I am freaked out
that I might need to pull the head and do the valve guides. I paid top
dollar for this car and will probably end up single, or minus a
beautiful audi, which is difficult choice at this stage. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

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