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Fortunately my leaking tank was not at the seam but a pinhole just above
it.......sealed it, coated every part of the tank accessible with rust
converter and hi temp paint, put a layer of epoxy across the seams as
well.  While at it, I reconditioned the exhaust, welded two patches, one
practically the whole bottom side of the mid muffler box, wire wheeled
the whole thing and applied flameproof coating to everything but the
tips.   Far be it from me to tell folks what to do, but if you are a
northeast lister, I encourage you to address the fuel tank seams,
(fibib, fix it before it breaks, an exception to the Bernie rule) as
fuel tank replacement is very costly to have someone else do or is a
major hassle to do it yourself.  I was happy to repair the exhaust for
$5 (flameproof coating and some jb weld to seal some spots I couldn't
weld) report from my friends shop is he is getting lots of v8 and 20v
cars in now for exhaust repair.


Question is- what have people done to reinstall the heat shielding ?
issues are; rusted mounting screws or totally gone mounts, and
prevention of stuff accumulating between shielding and tank.   I was
thinking I would just replace it as it was and use epoxy to hold the
shielding to what is left of the mounting screws (no threads etc.)  any
ideas appreciated.  tia


Also said goodbye to the rs6 sedan that is now a wagon, chipped to
510hp, that my friend had at his shop, that would be a nice upgrade to
the 20v avant.......but for ~$100K  I don't think so.......and no, I
don't exactly know why he imported a sedan and chopped it into a wagon,
supposedly saved $35k or something


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