audi 5 speed gear box

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri Nov 5 19:52:40 EST 2004

 Anyone have similar issues with the difficult 1st to 2nd shift?

Comments appreciated.  Thanks


My first 200 had a hard shift from 1st to 2nd when I bought it at 73k miles. 
I also purchased an extended warranty with it and at 108k miles, the 
warranty company finally agreed that something had to be done. I had 
switched to Redline, which helped,  but it is possible the wrong Redline was 
installed. ( GL-4 vs GL-5) It was just about impossible to shift from 1st to 
2nd without grinding. The warranty company had a real problem with the $6k 
cost of a new tranny then so they agreed to pay the cost of a rebuild which, 
as I recall, was close to $2k by the time the 1-2 synchro was replaced along 
with 2nd gear. Less than 1000 miles later, the 5th gear synchro went - also 
replaced under warranty. At about 130k miles, I developed a tranny whine, 
real noticeable in the lower gears but present in all gears. It was decided 
the input shaft bearing was going. I just couldn't see having the tranny out 
for a 3rd time in less than 2 yrs and putting the same tranny back in so I 
bought a new one from Germany for about $1k and had that installed. It was 
still going great when the car was totaled 75k mi later.

The current 200 has 193k on it and has no shifting problems - I don't 
believe anything has been done to the tranny - I still have the "new" tranny 
from Germany as I bought the "salvage" and the old tranny from the previous 


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