200 20V Tie Rod Assys Has V8s?

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sun Nov 7 03:09:30 EST 2004

       I visuually looked at the V8 assys. installed in my car and the
200 assys I have in my hand.
I also placed them side by side and the V8 assys. look thicker. The only
thing I had to measure with was a metal tape measure which didnt work. I
need a cloth one or a mic.
     The V8s are a light green color which also will make it look
thicker than the black 200 assys
     But the V8s do look thicker which might be an illusion.
     Both the V8 and 200 take the same tie rod ends. So if the ends
screw into both rods then the rods should be the same thickness? Or
could there be a different inserts or something on the rods to make the
rod ends screw in?
Although there does not seem to be any different small or connecting
part nos. on the ETKA to reflect that.
      The basic question is why did Audi spend the bucks to put V8 tie
rod assys. on the 200 20V?    

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