Chip PT Pressure Transducer Question ECU

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The recalibrated PT will show less than actual boost.   You need to plumb a guage in - tee in just prior to the ECU port.


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Minhea chip question.

The ECU now has a modified PT.
So when the car had the stock PT setting the dash showed 1.8 bar at "full" 

Mine had leaks and issues which a few of us focused on and fixed/repaired.
Now the Chipped ECU only reads 1.6 max no matter what (it was 1.3-1.5 in the 
Yes 93 octane fuel used........

Q:  WHEN the PT is "recalibrated" does the dash display read lower because of 
the mod/recalibration?
So 1.6 = 1.8/9 stock?

Also, where would the best place to T into the vacuum lines for a VDO boost 
By the ECU not optimum?

I've been told chipped cars read 0.9 at start up, but my old 10V avant showed 
0.9 non"chipped"..........even 0.1 under vacuum deceleration.
TIA - Scott by BOSTON]

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