Engine Mounts ETKA pics

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sat Nov 13 14:24:10 EST 2004

       I have a VW dealership here in Wichita. There has been no Audi
dealership for over 13 years.
       I get to know the Parts Dept. people by coming in and ordering
mainly small cheaper parts or hardware.
       Tell them you have a 91 200TQ20V and are doing the engine mounts
and want a picture and the parts list from the ETKA to determine what
you need.  Then you buy the mounts themselves from another OEM source
like TPC or SJM. Because ordering big parts from the dealer is very
expensive. Whatever you can get from OEM parts sources get first.
       Then you look at the pic and parts list on the ETKA and circle
the parts that look like they might need replacing just because of age.
The Bentely manuals usually say to replace all the hardware on a lot of
jobs. I ask for a price on the items ahead of time and look through the
list and order. I usually have the parts in 3 days.
Most times I will bring copies of the Bentley manual job and put those
with the ETKA for reference as well. If a part is real expensive I will
call Clair Audi and see how much they can get it for. I pay just a
little more for the small parts I get from the local dealer vs Clair but
I get them faster and maintain a relationship with my local dealer. I
also now get a 20% discount off list from the dealer because I asked for
it and I have a business so it is a business discount. 
      I then get the parts and check off the parts list and circle each
item on the picture and bundle the job all together as a kit if I am not
going to do the job right away.

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