samco hoses = contaminated o2 sensor?

CL Wong montesawong at
Tue Oct 5 20:36:20 EDT 2004

I saw someone on one of these lists question the
relationship so I thought I'd add my datapoint.

New samco hoses installed this summer.  Figured I'd
replace my o2 sensor because it's been atleast 60k
miles since I replaced it and the gas mileage hasn't
been quite as good as I recall.

Pulled the sensor with my 22mm crowsfoot wrench found
the tip to have a uniform whitish/greyish coating on
it.... hmmmm

Preliminary mileage seems to show a 1-2mpg improvement
over my 90 mile-a-day highway commute.  Looks like it
will settle at 23.5 after a few more days of driving.
(was getting 22mpg with my right foot in economy mode)

Chi (Rockland County, NY)
91 200Q 20v (some mods)
2002 Mazda MPV LX
2004 Mini cooper (the beater)

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