2B Camber Plate observations, questions

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 17:57:13 EDT 2004


One thing I noticed about the 2Bennett camber plates now on my 200q20v
is, when they are maxed out toward positive camber (tho' eyeballing
the wheels it still looks a little negative!), there is a pretty large
hole that would allow crap to fall down into the wrong side of my
brand new dust boots.  Anyone else notice this?

I'm wondering if I should find something to stick in there so that
it's more sealed from foreign material falling down in there.  The
stock plastic covers don't fit very well, but I could probably modify
them to get them to sort of do their job.  I do like the techno-gizmo
look of having them show tho'. =P

I'm just curious if others have noticed this, or cared, and if they
are using the stock covers or alternative pieces.

Also, it looks like with the little allen head cap screws in the
default position, that the black piece for the strut top isn't quite
maxed out against the main plate when they (the cap screws) are maxed
out in their slots.  I noticed there is another threaded hole that
would put the outboard (in the default installation position) cap
screws right up against the inboard ones.  I was thinking I should
move the outboard ones into those extra holes, at least until I get it
aligned and know I can move them back, where it seems better for
spreading the load out.



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