OK, where's my coolant going?

Grant Dion g_dion at adelphia.net
Sat Oct 16 04:10:57 EDT 2004


I just had the same puzzle to solve. There were no signs of coolant drips at
the various hoses, but I did leave a small puddle a few times in parking
lots. Finally, I had a big puddle/leak while sitting in my driveway. My
issue originated at the hose connection on the bottom of the coolant
reservoir. While lifting the reservoir out, the entire connection broke off
and coolant went everywhere. I ordered new reservoir, and replaced it. No
coolant loss since. I had previously replaced all hoses and water pump, and
it never occurred to me that the reservoir could go bad. My suggestion to
all is replace it with the hose sets, and have some piece of mind!


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