Wire Harness Connectivity for 200 H4 Euro lights

Grant Dion g_dion at adelphia.net
Sun Oct 17 00:37:21 EDT 2004

Hello All

I recently bought "euro" lights for my 91. They are made by Depo, and are
Chinese knock offs of 86-89 5000 non turbo lenses with clear corners. I also
got a grille and a wiring harness. 

The harness has virtually no instructions. 

There is 2 connectors that look as though relays should plug into them, no
relays included, 2 thick red wires that I guess go to the battery power
block, another 3 prong  connector, that I think is where I tap the existing
headlight harness, two more 3 prong female connectors for the H4 bulbs to
plug into, and another 3 wires that end in an enclosed black box, which I
think may be a circuit fuse 

Does this sound like the normal setup for a harness that will work for the
200?  I see nothing for the turn signal bulbs in the corners. If anybody has
any insight or thinks I need the BLAU harness, please speak candidly.

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