200 20V Plug Wires Advice Needed

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Tue Oct 19 02:32:04 EDT 2004

I need some new plug wires. A couple are frayed with sparking on one
that I put electrical tape around.  They are the original Beru 7mm. I
have 112,000.
I can get the original 7mm Beru for $149.99.
I can get the Magnecor 8.5mm red wires for $140.00 at
This appears to be a really good deal as these wires sell for $223.00
directly from www.magnecor.com  I had the 8mm ordered directly from
Magnecor for $163.00 and then saw the 8.5 at Apex for $140.00 and
cancelled the order.
Finally, I can get the Bosch Premium 8mm plug wires at Auto Zone for
$169.99. The great thing about the Bosch wires is that they have a
lifetime guarantee.  If even one of them ever goes bad or is frayed you
just bring in the whole set to Auto Zone and get a new set free.
Any advice on which way to go would be much appreciated.

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