Ignition switch and lock-repair and replace help needed (x-posted)

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Fri Oct 22 14:58:11 EDT 2004

The crossmember can stay in, it's a tight maneuver but can be done.
It can be ugly, but you remove the instrument cluster and the knee
panel to get access to all the bolts and Knuts.  I usually end up doing
a very careful crush of the heating duct above the pedals to get the
column housing down past the pedals.

The Bentley has information on where to drill a hole in the lock housing
to release the key cylinder, as well as a description of the whole steering
column removal procedure.


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 > OK guys, it seems every time the wife drives the Q wagon,
 > something goes
 > wrong (I know, but it is still cheaper to fix the car than the
 > alternative!LOL). The paddle that engages the electrical
 > portion of the
 > ignition switch broke off. Mechanic says whole switch needs to be
 > replaced. Minor PITA, but not a big deal. Problem is the
 > switch includes
 > the interlock to the steering column. In theory, drop the steering
 > column, swing down the part that is engaged into the steering column,
 > remove broken part and replace. Except he says there is a big beefy
 > piece of metal under the steering column running the length
 > of the dash
 > that prevents it. He has spent a day looking at it, and I dropped off
 > Mr. Bentley this morning. The only way he sees right now (excluding
 > hacking out a piece of the underdash metal support) is to disassemble
 > the dash to remove the lower support. He thinks there has to
 > be a better
 > way, even allowing for Audi idiosyncrasies!  Is there something he is
 > missing, or is there a trick to replacing the ignition switch and the
 > steering interlock?  Thx
 > Regards,
 > Jerry
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