200 springs

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 28 11:03:04 EDT 2004

did Boge turbo front and Bilstein HD rear. I wouldn't mind and over all 
increase in ride height, but I got stock hieght on pass side, (as compared 
to my twin 200 20v avant with Boge all around) and a jacked up on drivers, 1 
inch front, about 1/2 inch rear.  I'm having a hard time guessing why car 
went from level AFAIK before struts to wacky later.

>Mike what kind of shocks did you install.
>From what I have heard is the Bilsteins do raise the car up a bit.
>The springs will not all a sudden get the car to sit higher. Probably the 
>I am looking at Konis so I will not have that problem.
>Chuck Pierce
>91 200tq Avant
>Mike Del Tergo wrote:

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