WOT switch and A/C

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Oct 29 10:57:47 EDT 2004

I made a 600-mile round-trip to Toledo yesterday to get a bunch of parts
off the 200q20v Joe Marconi is parting out (he still has some parts left),
and on the way back with the trailer loaded (complete front struts,
subassembly, rear trap arms, exhaust and four basketweaves with tires), I
noticed a couple times some hesitation under WOT in first and second when
pulling away from lights.  I was running the A/C, but it was my
understanding a WOT circumstance interrupted the drain of the A/C.  I tried
a couple with the A/C turned off and had no hesitations.  Didn't notice any
hesitations in other gears, just first and second.  In first, it started at
about 4500 rpm.  In second it was a bit higher up on the tach, maybe after 5K.  

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