200 springs

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 29 11:42:07 EDT 2004

2 reasons, I have the avant so big loads in the back may warrant the 
Bilstein HD, though the frequency would still be 95% just me in the car, 
second was price.  The Bils were about $35 cheaper I think.  Though both 
very price friendly through Rod.
with 750 pounds in the back (bilstein car), I still had space bewteen the 
rear fender and wheel.
On my all Boge avant, 600 lbs brought the fender to the wheel.

From: Ed Kellock <ekellock at gmail.com>

That's the exact opposite of what I intend to do with my V8.
Why did you choose to go the way you did?


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