200 springs

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 16:21:22 EDT 2004

Are there part numbers associated with these different thicknesses?  I
might want to put the thinner ones in my car.  Anyone know of any
websites about this subject?

I didn't realize the T44 control arms also needed to be tightened with
the suspension loaded (I'm sure it probably says so in the Bentley). 
I guess that would be for forward-aft alignment of the control arm,
since up and down is designed to flex at the bushing.  

I might loosen and retighten those with the car on the ground or on
stands.  I didn't have the right size socket and couldn't get an
alternative tool onto the outboard rear transverse link bolt to do
this in the rear, so I left it.  Anyone know what size socket would be
right for that one?  (another tool I don't have yet is a caliper to
check stuff like this)

I ended up ordering the 20mm rear ECS spacers to correct the rear of
my sedan being too low relative to the front with the Eibach 1529.140,
Bilstein sports and whichever thickness front damping rings my car
has.  I wonder if the front will come down a bit from the weight
transfer of bringing rear up a tad.



Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net wrote:

Audi made three different thicknesses of damping rings from 3/8" to 3/4" to
adjust front ride height.  These could be further shimmed if necessary, so
could the rear springs.  Did you tighten the lower control arm to subframe
bolts with the full weight of the car on the suspension?

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