Tie Rods Part No. Question

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sat Oct 30 00:56:51 EDT 2004

Thanks for the reply, Pete.
I have the G60 early dealer conversion as well.
It seems lke what you are saying is that the conversion on your car was
done per the ETKA with the V8 tie rod assys. 
441 419 801D and 441 419 802D
I am not sure yet if I have the 200 tie rod assys.
443 419 801E and 443 419 802E
The V8 and the 200 have the same tie rod ends
443 419 811D and 443 419 812D
So it sounds as though I will be fine using the 200 assy. nos. even
though that is not what the ETKA calls out.
I could just replace the tie rod ends which are the same pt. no. on both
the V8 and the 200
but for just a little more money doing the whole assy. seems smart with
the common problem of bad or frozen adjuster nuts on higher mileage cars
and now you are relaying the rust on the inside of the rod. And rust
inside after only 75,000 makes doing the whole rod assy. vs  just the
ends seem even more wise.  I have almost 113,000.

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