clutch heavy?

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Thu Sep 16 23:31:45 EDT 2004

First clutch I ever replaced.  20K on it after the PO sold it to me. ~150K
Clutch seemed fine but engauged with a shudder.then wouldn't disengauge.
Its last shift was only preceeded by a warning 2K earlier when the clutch 
wouldn't shift after HOT spirited track driving.  Two days later shift action 
came back.
Clutch material was clean wore off, the tech said.
I shift into neutral at lights to keep the throw out bearing from failing 
Look into it.
-Scott by BOSTON

> IME a heavy clutch is (usually) indicative of a clutch nearing the end of
> it's life (more like the Pressure plate).  My clutch on the 200 was getting
> very heavy until the clutch job -- then it was noticeably lighter.
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> hello all,
> As soon as I acquired my 200 I was surprised at how 'heavy' - or should I
> say hard to push - my clutch is.  It feels and sounds smooth otherwise and I
> guess I figured that was they way they are.
> Well, I was driving around today and was thinking about it again and decided
> to ask the list - are the 200 clutches typically heavy?
> I ride a bike more than I drive, not to mention hiking and skiing so I'm a
> little surprised to find myself feeling like always taking it out of gear at
> every light so I can let the clutch out.  

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