clutch heavy?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Sep 16 23:39:39 EDT 2004

Clutch pedal pressure should not be inordinately hard. It's a hydraulic
system (uses fluid from the reservoir atop the brake master cylinder).   A
strong-legged person should have NO difficulty using the clutch.  That
being said, the practice of holding the clutch in during traffic stops
rather than shifting to neutral and letting the pedal out is likely to wear
out your throwout bearing.  Maybe that's why the clutch is so hard to use????

The SEPARATE hydraulic boost system for brakes and steering has no
connection with the clutch operation.  A bad bomb may make your brakes less

At 09:53 PM 9/16/2004 -0400, feelstranger wrote:
>hello all,
>As soon as I acquired my 200 I was surprised at how 'heavy' - or should I 
>say hard to push - my clutch is.  It feels and sounds smooth otherwise and I 
>guess I figured that was they way they are.  
>Well, I was driving around today and was thinking about it again and decided 
>to ask the list - are the 200 clutches typically heavy?
>I ride a bike more than I drive, not to mention hiking and skiing so I'm a 
>little surprised to find myself feeling like always taking it out of gear at 
>every light so I can let the clutch out.  My SO dislikes driving the car if 
>in stop and go situations.  
>I'm guessing that someone is going to tell me there is a pedal pressure 
>range listed in the Bentley...
>Is the Bomb at all involved in this system because mine is shot.
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