Exchanging front struts

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at comcast.net
Tue Feb 1 22:05:32 EST 2005

Standard Spring compressor will work fine.  There must be a way to get those
pieces out, Kneale.  Removing both front struts and replacing with UFO units
is no cakewalk either. Swaybar is my favorite part -- Not!


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Subject: Exchanging front struts

> I'm having no luck removing the broken wheel bolt ends from my hub, so I'm
> considering replacing the front G60 struts with some of the UFO struts
> been accumulating.  I presume I need to compress the spring and disengage
> the axle like I did when I replaced the axle on one of our V8s.  What do I
> use to compress the spring?  I assume the VAG tool costs half the price of
> a car, so you-all must have some alternative.
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