BOOM! then no go...REAL...Answer.........

Dan Cordon cord4530 at
Wed Feb 2 13:43:31 EST 2005

Scott wrote:
> The INNER CV axle joint held to the tranny flange by the eight or so tripple 
> square bolts was "off", bolts loose and separated from the tranny flange.
> Tranny spins and car no go.

My guess is that someone came over to steal your stereo. They looked at 
the "Audi Security" sticker, and figured the 'awesome' factory stereo 
would be too hard to steal. So, they decided they'd take your front half 
shafts instead (maybe they're worth a fortune on Ebay). However, they 
only got the bolts loose on one side before they heard you coming and 
had to run off.

On a less joking note, that seems strange. When I changed my front CV, 
it took everything I had on a 20" bar to break the inner CV bolts loose. 
Do you know if the CV axle was ever changed? Maybe they just didn't get 
torqued down correctly?

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer
University of Idaho - Engine Research Facility

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