92' S4 brake upgrade

Krists krists at livas.lv
Thu Feb 3 13:16:01 EST 2005

I am sick of replacing those UFO brakes all the time-ok, they're good but
not the most affordable brake system!
As a result , I'm searching for  alternative front brake system - I can go
with new G60's (from 93+ S4/S6) - but then I need to change all the struts,
etc ... but then I haven't found a good catch for G60 in my country :(
.....or I can go the way the www.bira.org describes!
   So the question stands for BIRA System2 for UFO :
     " System 2 for UFO-equipped Vehicles.Uses the Porsche 996 Carrera
4-piston aluminum monobloc caliper over a Mercedes-Benz V12 320x30 rotor.
Fits all UFO-equipped as delivered to the USA, and should fit under some
factory 16" wheels. Completely bolt-on, no modifications to the struts

Can anyone give some advice for this - do I really don't need to change the
struts and go with the MB V12 rotors???What's about ET and my Speedline
17x8.0 ET35 (Original A6 >2000 , saw on Chriss Miller's white 200TQ, the
same wheels as mines)
   And what about brake pads - ok I can get Porsche's 996 as described in
BIRA site, but is there a way for other options in brakepads (a little bit
affordable ones)?? What are other mods I need to do? some adapter etc??
Please help guys!

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