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Thu Feb 3 16:48:33 EST 2005

My thoughts:

17" wheels may be easier to bend --> I run 16" from the URS4.  Many are
happy with 17's, though.

More damping is not required for stock springs, though some prefer more
damping FWIW.  Stiffer springs would require different damping. If your
current dampers are shot, then you may want to replace them. Match damping
to spring rates. Overdamping is a concern as well as underdamping.

Many report improved handling from upgrading springs. AFAIK, all of the
available spring upgrades lower the car. I have not installed any new
springs since my 1991 200q 20v is my snow car.  Also, lowering springs may
cause an undesirable change to camber, which then has to be rectified to
prevent inner tire wear.

I like my UFO brakes. I did an "Italian brake job" during my trip home when
I purchased the car and have been "warp" free ever since. I do not know if
it was rotor warpage or material deposited on the rotor (to bring another
thread into this one).

Get a chip from Mihnea. Estimated to provide about 278hp, which Mihnea has
determined to be about the most you can get reliably without other changes,
no matter what other chip suppliers may claim.

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