92' S4 brake upgrade

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 21:25:20 EST 2005

With the BIRA S2 UFO, it's completely bolt-on, except for the
modification to the rotors part.

If you have the "pie plate" Speedlines, they should clear these brakes
w/o any problems.

As for brake pads, I don't know about availability in your country,
but Porsche 996 pads are fairly common- a lot of brake pad companies
offer pads in this size. Hawk HP/HP Plus/Blue/Black, Pagid
Black/Blue/Orange/Yellow, Porterfield R4S/R4, Carbotech
Bobcat/Panther/etc., Mintex Red Box/C-Tech, Porsche/Textar OEM, to
name a few.

The adapter bracket is the only part that you'll need to acquire from
BIRA. This seems to be the sticking point- no one seems to want to
actually step up and get some sets of brackets.

For hard use or repeated high speed stops, there is no comparable
system that is completely reversible. If that is not an issue, then
2Bennett and Anderson Motorsports offer non-reversible modifications
that allow you to mount Porsche 993tt calipers over either Euro A8
(314x30) rotors or A8L rotors (323x30). FYI, the MBZ rotors are a
better design than the Audi rotors- directionally vaned, asymmetrical


On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 10:15:53 -0800, Krists <krists at livas.lv> wrote:
> I am sick of replacing those UFO brakes all the time-ok, they're good but
> not the most affordable brake system!
> As a result , I'm searching for  alternative front brake system - I can go
> with new G60's (from 93+ S4/S6) - but then I need to change all the struts,
> etc ... but then I haven't found a good catch for G60 in my country :(
> .....or I can go the way the www.bira.org describes!
>    So the question stands for BIRA System2 for UFO :
>      " System 2 for UFO-equipped Vehicles.Uses the Porsche 996 Carrera
> 4-piston aluminum monobloc caliper over a Mercedes-Benz V12 320x30 rotor.
> Fits all UFO-equipped as delivered to the USA, and should fit under some
> factory 16" wheels. Completely bolt-on, no modifications to the struts
> required."
> Can anyone give some advice for this - do I really don't need to change the
> struts and go with the MB V12 rotors???What's about ET and my Speedline
> 17x8.0 ET35 (Original A6 >2000 , saw on Chriss Miller's white 200TQ, the
> same wheels as mines)
>    And what about brake pads - ok I can get Porsche's 996 as described in
> BIRA site, but is there a way for other options in brakepads (a little bit
> affordable ones)?? What are other mods I need to do? some adapter etc??
> Please help guys!
>                                           Krists
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