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Hmmm.  I wouldn't go the dealer for repair to a car of our vintage.  A good
shop in your area that works on Audis and Porsches should be able to do the
whole job for roughly $1000 (parts and labor).  I've done it myself, but
it's a b*tch of a job and well worth having someone else do it.  Heck, it
may even be the high pressure hose leaking instead (Ok, wishful thinking,

Get another estimate or two...

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> Hi all,
> this is my first post with a question. I have a 1991
> Audi 200 20v with 66K miles, all original. My local
> dealer tells me that the burning smell I reported is
> from an oil leak from the power steering rack, onto
> the catalytic converter. They tell me that a
> replacement part will cost $1,030 and with labor (at
> $85/hr) total repair will come to $1,600. I have no
> reason to doubt their diagnosis of the problem, but
> wondered about the part price. The folks at VM
> Autohaus (a company whose name I learned from reading
> messages from the Audi 200 group) quotes a much lower
> part price. Any advice on what's the best course of
> action for repair?
> mel guyer
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