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Tue Feb 15 12:34:03 EST 2005


Haven't topped it off, but could you imagine it?  Being able to solve one of 
the issues on this car so simply?  My word!  I'll have to add some when I 
get home.  And no, boots still in place, so it may be corrosion, but on the 
last changing I did try to clean the connect up best I could and let it dry.

Unfortunately though, it really does look like the sensor is leaking unless 
the residue on the boot is from previous lifes with other mfts'

Derek P

>>Hey gang,
>>Has anybody else had one of these go out in less than 2-months?  I 
>>replaced the part on my car late December/early January and I'm already 
>>getting the coolant warning light coming on in the computer display.  I 
>>checked under the hood  and noticed that the coolant level is going down a 
>  So did you top up the coolant level? Sometimes "a little" coolant loss is 
>all it takes for the level sensor to sound the alert. My car happens to 
>tolerate a considerable amount of coolant loss compared to some others (the 
>sensor ignores a low level to at least 1/2" below the mark). So last week, 
>when the warning light began to come on,  I was sure the MFTS had gone bad 
>again. But no--this time it _was_ actually the coolant level. That was the 
>first ever (in 6 years) that I'd had a real "low coolant level" situation, 
>and about 16 ounces of coolant took care of it. Now I just need to figure 
>out where it's leaking.
>>  and there is also coolant residue on the outside of the sensor. Checked 
>>tightness and it was ok.
>Have you removed or "disabled" the MFTS's rubber boot? If not, perhaps the 
>MFTS contacts are wet or corroded.
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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