Voltmeter light then dies???

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Tue Feb 15 14:05:31 EST 2005

Pulley burned thru the belt  CLASSIC.
-Scott by BOSTON

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> Brice,
> The voltmeter light indicates that the alternator is not charging.
> The ABS shuts itself off when the battery voltage falls below some
> low limit...dont know exactly, but its around 10 volts.
> The fuel pump and ECU will run down to 9 volts, at which point
> the whole car will die.
> I will guess that the five  minutes shut down revived the car battery 
> over 10-11 volts, but drawing a sustained load of 30 amps
> killed it within minutes.
> I don't understand the "smell" part, else I would suggest your 
> alternator brushes wore down. Perhaps some other alternator
> failure.

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