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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Tue Feb 15 16:12:30 EST 2005

When I had my first MFTS problem( i figure it will happen again 
sometime) I thought I had it in tight enough, but there was a small 
amount of coolant seeping around the threads of the MFTS and I would get 
a low radiator fluid symbol ( I believe I have a sensitive level sensor) 
my level would be just barely below the cold temp fill line. When I 
found the leakage on and under the MFTS and tightened it up a bit the 
leak went away. I realize I should have used Bernie's fixall Si caulk, 
but I was new to the list and just did not realize how useful and 
flexible the Si caulk was.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

Derek Pulvino wrote:

> Phil,
> Haven't topped it off, but could you imagine it?  Being able to solve 
> one of the issues on this car so simply?  My word!  I'll have to add 
> some when I get home.  And no, boots still in place, so it may be 
> corrosion, but on the last changing I did try to clean the connect up 
> best I could and let it dry.
> Unfortunately though, it really does look like the sensor is leaking 
> unless the residue on the boot is from previous lifes with other mfts'
> Derek P
>>> Hey gang,
>>> Has anybody else had one of these go out in less than 2-months?  I 
>>> replaced the part on my car late December/early January and I'm 
>>> already getting the coolant warning light coming on in the computer 
>>> display.  I checked under the hood  and noticed that the coolant 
>>> level is going down a little
>>  So did you top up the coolant level? Sometimes "a little" coolant 
>> loss is all it takes for the level sensor to sound the alert. My car 
>> happens to tolerate a considerable amount of coolant loss compared to 
>> some others (the sensor ignores a low level to at least 1/2" below 
>> the mark). So last week, when the warning light began to come on,  I 
>> was sure the MFTS had gone bad again. But no--this time it _was_ 
>> actually the coolant level. That was the first ever (in 6 years) that 
>> I'd had a real "low coolant level" situation, and about 16 ounces of 
>> coolant took care of it. Now I just need to figure out where it's 
>> leaking.
>>>  and there is also coolant residue on the outside of the sensor. 
>>> Checked tightness and it was ok.
>> Have you removed or "disabled" the MFTS's rubber boot? If not, 
>> perhaps the MFTS contacts are wet or corroded.
>> Phil
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