Ice racing kills 200q20v

Chewy chewy4000 at
Tue Feb 15 22:58:03 EST 2005

I usually take my 4000q to the time trials, but this year I decided to
take the 200 with new WS-50s on. More power more fun.
This time instead of timed runs they did 4 or 5 10min. runs with about
10 cars on the course and then a final timed run.

I come out on the track for the first run and when i finished and
removed my helmet I hear this loud knocking under the hood, and now i
notice its felt though the clutch pedal also.

Had the car towed down to my friends shop and will be opening it up soon.
worth checking it out next year with crews in tires tho. studs on ice is the event
 some pics of my 200 

peal white 234,000mi

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