Replacement intercooler sources?

Patrick Anderson patrick.anderson1 at
Mon Feb 21 14:21:33 EST 2005

Low power with hesitation/stumbling. My boost gague in the glove box is 
hunting. And I can hear the leak. Hooked up my homemade pressure tester to 
pressurize the system and can hear the leak at the intercooler. Used a stick 
of incense and stuck it down by where the leak could be heard. Could see the 
leak blowing the insence smoke.

I'm going to be checking with Bell Intercooler and Spearco on a replacement 
unit. I'm primarily interested in getting a stronger intercooler and any 
added cooling is just a side benefit.

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> Hey guys,
> My intercooler has a crack in it and is not repairable. I need to find a 
> new
> intercooler. Does anyone know of any aftermarket sources for intercoolers?
> I'd like to replace with a better than stock and get rid of the plastic 
> end
> tanks.
> Thanks for any leads,
> Patrick
> ----
> Pat - what are your symptoms on the cracked intercooler?
> mike miller

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