Strut brace part numbers 200 WAS: Strut tower rip/stress fracture 200q20v

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Thu Feb 24 11:40:43 EST 2005

Here are the part numbers for easier reference.
Thanks to Mike S who gave me the part numbers he found and to Peter who 
referenced the article in Quattro Quarterly and the reseviour PN:

4A0 805 635 LEFT brace

4A0 805 636 RIGHT brace

Brace bar from Audi
4A0 805 645A

Reserviour PN
 8E0 611 301

There's  a write up with pictures in the Winter 2004 Quattro Quarterly:  p 
75, "How to Repair - Modifications That Make a Difference" that discusses 
added this mod to the C4 Chassis, written by Brent Henry.

It mentions the same part numbers, but also the offset Brake Fluid 
reservoir that is needed, because the cross bar will interfere with the 
stock one.  That pn is 8E0 611 301, according to the article.

-Scott by BOSTON 

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