Strut Tower brace part numbers

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By my defination the difference is the obvious:  A strut brace directly
braces the strut tops in some manner.  A strut tower brace does likewise to
the strut towers.  There are many differences in concept and implimentation
between the two.  See my response to Scott's post, SuffolkD at, same


> From: "Schaible, David" <David.Schaible at>
> What do you classify your brace design as?  Do you believe it is superior to
> the audi parts design?  Why?
> David Schaible
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> From: Bernie Benz [mailto:b.benz at]
> Scott,
> Note the change in subject title: This is not a strut brace, rather it is a
> strut tower bracing system.
> Add up the total parts cost to see how many times more it is than is that of
> a real strut brace, not even considering its relative ineffectiveness in
> camber control and load distribution under tranverse loading.
> Bernie  
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>> Subject: Strut brace part numbers 200 WAS: Strut tower rip/stress fracture
>> 200q20v 
>> Here are the part numbers for easier reference.
>> Thanks to Mike S who gave me the part numbers he found and to Peter who
>> referenced the article in Quattro Quarterly and the reseviour PN:
>> 4A0 805 635 LEFT brace
>> 4A0 805 636 RIGHT brace
>> Brace bar from Audi
>> 4A0 805 645A
>> Reserviour PN
>> 8E0 611 301
>> There's  a write up with pictures in the Winter 2004 Quattro Quarterly:  p
>> 75, "How to Repair - Modifications That Make a Difference" that discusses
>> added this mod to the C4 Chassis, written by Brent Henry.
>> It mentions the same part numbers, but also the offset Brake Fluid
>> reservoir that is needed, because the cross bar will interfere with the
>> stock one.  That pn is 8E0 611 301, according to the article.
>> -Scott by BOSTON 

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