Strut Tower Brace Design Revisited

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Zero collision history- I've spoken extensively with the (older female) last owner (1995-2004, 50k to 164k), and the last owner spoke extensively with the first owner (older female).  Zero collision damage confirmed by Carfax.
The strut inserts are OEM.
Strange black thing is a horn for aftermarket keyless entry/ alarm system.  I've plans to surgically remove the entire system, but it will have to wait for the bigger fish to be fried first.
Note (as I've indicated in an earlier post) that the fracture was only halfway to the hole when I received it in September 2004.  Now it's almost 3x as long in the 5 months and 15k miles I've been behind the wheel.

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At 4:44 PM -0500 2/28/05, Sean wrote:<br>><br>>4.  It would seem important to note that the close-up pic of my <br>>car's stress fracture shows that after the fracture, the two edges <br>>of fractured metal do not remain aligned.  Rather, the left or <br>>outbound side (as one looks under the hood at the fracture) is about <br>>1/8 inch higher than the right side.  In other words, it looks as if <br>>someone grabbed the sheet metal on left side of fracture and pulled <br>>it up (though nobody did so).<br>><br><br>Ouch! I've never seen one quite so bad (i.e., split and offset like <br>that). I'd suspect collision damage somewhere in her past. Or <br>super-firm strut inserts? BTW, what the heck is that strange, black <br>truncated cone-shaped "intruder" that's sitting just in front of the <br>firewall?<br><br>Phil<br><br><br>-- <br>*********************************<br>*  Phil & Judy Rose           Rochester, NY  *      <br>*        mailto:pjrose at       *<br>*********************************			        <br>	      		      <br>	                                                <br>

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