Steering Groan update...

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Mon Jan 3 11:20:49 EST 2005


Whats to groan about, unless you are driving parking lots all day?
I purposefully left the acoustic filter out of my 5 year old, $20. hose
rebuild, and since I only notice the pump noise when parking or slow speed
turns.  Not much worse than the stock hose.


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> Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 11:07:03 EST
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> Subject: Steering Groan update...
> Spoke to the kind folks at Shokan today regarding the groaning in the power
> steering system after replacing my leaking hose with their new hose (part
> number 443 498 892C, part number on the hose was 443 422 893N.  They stated it
> was 
> the correct hose, regardless of the partnumber on it.  Can anyone confirm this
> for me?)
> Their reply:
> They will either refund my money so that I can buy a hose from the dealer,
> exchange the hose for a used hose or live with the noise.
> I asked about an exchange for a new hose from them (indicating that they
> stand behind their parts, as stated in their literature), and they told me
> that 
> the problem lies in my car, not their hose, and that a new hose from them will
> result in the same problem.
> Input?
> -- Tom Werner
> Charleston, SC
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