Shokan Power Steering Hose Update

TooManyAudis at TooManyAudis at
Tue Jan 4 13:22:02 EST 2005

Let's get to the bottom of this!
I called again today to ask if Shokan's high pressure power steering hose  
(443 498 892C) was made by the OE manufacturer of Audi's power steering  hoses.  
I was told that yes, all their parts are OE manufacturer.
I then posed the question, "Why, if this is the same part that is available  
through the dealer (That's what OEM means, correct?), are you telling me that  
buying my hose through the dealer will solve my problem?"
Again, I was told that the dealer hose will solve my problem.  I was  then 
given the choice to: buy a used hose from them, return the part for a  refund or 
buy a hose from the dealer.  I was also told that if this hose  makes noise 
on my car, chances are an exchange hose from them will also make the  same 
I don't have a problem returning the hose for a refund.  What I do  have a 
problem with is being told that the problem lies with my car, not their  hose.  
My old hose did not have a noise problem.  I didn't spend $136  for a hose, 
plus many hours of my time to have the result be an unsatisfactory  repair.  
Now, in order to fix this, I need to do the job again, as well as spend  
another $20 or $25 in Pentosin.
Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem?
Any thoughts as to what should be done?
Tom Werner

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