rebuilding a power steering hose

Charles Baer charlie at
Tue Jan 11 11:09:02 EST 2005

Moving the small pipe to the new hose is described in the repair 
procedure as
the step required to prevent noise.  ISTR it goes in the pump end so at 
least you
don't have to tear up your knuckles again at the rack!


TooManyAudis at wrote:

>Still living with the groaning from the Shokan hose, but I would like that  
>to end soon...
>I took my power steering hose to a company that repairs hydraulic  hoses.  In 
>an effort to autopsy my old hose, the guy at the counter cut it  near the 
>crimp in the middle of the hose.
>What we found was a small plastic tube running the entire length of the  
>hose, as well as the small metal tube held in place by the crimp.  At this  point, 
>he gave up and returned my two pieces of hose back to me and wished me  good 
>So, what exactly is the plastic tube?  should it be transferred to the  new 
>hose?  does it matter that it was cut in half?
>Finally, can anyone recommend a place to send the hose so that it can be  
>rebuilt the right way?
>-- Tom Werner
>Charleston, SC
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