MFTS and thermostat Q: Gauge not reading temp but HEAT

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Jan 11 14:44:53 EST 2005

Phil & Kneale:
Always good to hear from a few enthusiast and 200 20V owner.
As Phil mentioned, I used Econ and felt warm enough thinking the air was 
venting to floor and Defrost.  I was quite surprised when HOT air came from the 
dash & console center vents when switched to Bi-Level.  (I always skipped 
Bi-level as I thought it would cycle the A/C compressor......old school KH 110 HP 
4000Q I guess)

No low coolant warning (just brake bulbs :-) ), but I was wondering if the 
thermostat was the cause or whether the coolant level wasn't as high as I 
believed (or air pocket).  Then expanding when hot to reach the MFTS.

Let it idle and gauge reads fine (to 1/2 way) in about 10 minutes.  Cold is 
fine on the track, but winter heat keeps the windows viewable/useable & safer.

Thanks for the input gents:
-Scott by BOSTON

> Subj: Re: MFTS and thermostat Q: Gauge not reading temp but HEAT
> At 5:42 AM -0500 1/11/05, Kneale Brownson wrote:
> >
> >What about wanting heat on your feet?  You only get that from Bi or Auto,
> >according to my owner manual.
> Phil said:  <SNIP>
> Scott, does your comment about "low coolant level" possibly refer to 
> the fact that you've been getting the coolant warning signal????? If 
> so, then there's surely a problem with the MFTS--considering the 
> other symptom (low boost) you mentioned. Are you certain the contacts 
> are good? Was the replacement MFTS you installed recently a *new* 
> one, or did you waste your time following the philosophy that "old 

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