gas tank replacement

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at
Fri Jan 21 15:24:31 EST 2005


I've had good luck with repairing the tanks myself. The key is coating the 
inside of them. If you go to a motorcycle shop you can get a product called 
"kreme". It's about $35 if I recall. It comes in a three part kit. Just 
follow the instructions and it works great. I believe they are designed for 
12 gallon tanks, so you will probably need two kits.

FWIW the worst tank I did was on a 88 Ranger. The cab rubs the top of the 
tank when it fills with gravel. It put about 50 pin-holes in the top of the 
tank. I dropped it, "kreme'd" it, and 6 years later it still works great.

Tony Hoffman

> I can't find a tank anywhere...and assume you encountered unobtainium in 
> your quest and used the S-car tank because it was available.
> Any idea about finding a replacement tank for my 87 5ktq would be helpful. 
> Currently, a solution is to remove the tank and send it to a refurbisher 
> in Michigan. 

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