gas tank replacement

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Jan 21 18:37:51 EST 2005

I got my replacement as a used S-car tank from the Pacific Northwest, where
there is little rust.  Scott Mockry had it.  I'd think wreckers in any
non-rustbelt area would be a good source.

Be aware that the innards of the S-car tanks differ slightly from those of
the 200q20v.  I posted a note that should be in about what I
had to do to put my 200's pump in the S-car tank.

Who's the refurbisher?  I've kept my old tank with the idea of fixing it
when I need to replace the tank in one of our V8s.

At 02:37 PM 1/21/2004 -0500, Doyt W. Echelberger wrote:
>Hello Chris....You mentioned using an S-car gas tank to replace the 
>rusty/faulty one on your 200-20v, and I am seeking a replacement tank for 
>my 87 5000 CS turbo quattro.
>I can't find a tank anywhere...and assume you encountered unobtainium in 
>your quest and used the S-car tank because it was available.
>Any idea about finding a replacement tank for my 87 5ktq would be helpful. 
>Currently, a solution is to remove the tank and send it to a refurbisher in 

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