Want Heater Hoter

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sun Jan 23 05:44:54 EST 2005

My heater doesnt seem to blow hot enough.
It has been bitter cold here in Kansas recently.
Comparing my heater to other cars I have been in mine seems weak.
The semi-hot air is blowing from the footwells and the windshield
outlets and the outlets on the speaker grille.  
I get no error codes at all on the control head.
I put a new OEM 87° thermostat in thinking the thermostat might not be
opening properly.
My whole cooling system is new. 
When the weather is warmer I will check the flap motor to see if it is
opening fully over to position 2 for heat. The flap motor potentiometer
feedback values are damn near perfect for my vin which I adjusted when I
put the new heater core and blower motor in last summer.
I am 90% sure that I have the hoses from the heater core going to the
correct connections.
The bottom hose goes to the back of the engine and the top goes to the
heater control valve. Right?  The only drawing I remember seeing on this
was from the ETKA so I will have to look it up again.  But would it even
matter if the heater core hoses were reversed?
I am also going to put a thermometer inside the car to see how hot it is
I just remember the car blowing a lot hotter than this. I should be
getting heated out and have to turn it down. But I have it the blower
and the heater on HI and it seems barely enough.
Any suggestions? 

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