windage tray in oil sump Tracking a 200 20V

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Mon Jan 24 01:03:32 EST 2005


Having met some of you and tracked a 200 (along with some of you) I can say 
there ARE better track cars, however, the 200 is quite capable even shod with a 
stock suspension.  Not lousy.

It just takes more finesse in coaxing its larger weight around the track.
Since these are DE events my track experience directly is reflected upon my 
daily driver.  This 200, as all cars, have a limit which "racing" will surpass, 
but is sufficent for a "track" experience.
Its mostly suspension issues which all cars go through (physics: photo link 
below) WRT handling its size, and its longer wheel base giving the car some 
stability Vs some shorter coupes & kit cars.  The car is stable and confident at 
130MPH indicated. ( photo)

The above rental car shows the G force loading in turn 9 at Watkins Glen.
Its also the only place that I've had enough time to scan the gauges and pick 
up on oil starvation which the windage tray Q addresses.

I got lazy on the warm up laps and drove around low on the dipstick (just 
above "ADD") and noticed the bar gauge dip from 5 bar to 1 in that turn pictured 
I quickly lifted throttle, pit in and change the oil and filter & 5 quarts 

Any sustained oil starvation means a $3000 motor.  Do the mod if you want to, 
it will help some, but the cheapest insurance is the correct oil level a la 
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> From: Kneale Brownson <>
> I think Taka Mizutani did something like that to his 200q20v.  His e-mail
> is t44tq at   Don't know if he's still reading here.  I think
> he sold that car.
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> From: Taka Mizutani <>
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> That said, I have not had any oil starvation issues while tracking the
> 200, although I had not really tracked the car that hard.
> What is your intent with this addition? If you are not tracking the
> car hard and regularly, I would not bother- it's not worth it unless
> you have an oil pan leak and have to drop the pan for a different
> reason. That said, IMHO, a type 44 is a lousy track car. Benign, but
> lousy.
> Taka
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> At 5:36 PM -0500 1/23/05, Taka Mizutani wrote:
> >  That said, IMHO, a type 44 is a lousy track car. Benign, but
> >lousy.
> Ah good ol' Taka and his disparaging opinions--although more 
> typically stated as indisputable facts rather than "humble opinions". 
> In this case, I'm sure we all recall that old saying--about a workman 
> blaming  his tools...? ;-)
> Phil
> -- Phil Rose
> Rochester, NY

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