CIS-type fuel pump in a 200q20v?

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Tue Jan 25 18:00:32 EST 2005

The guys on run higher injector flows and have the answers WRT: 
those mods.  Take a peek.
-Scott by BOSTON
From: Ken Keith 
My 200q20v is in need of a fuel pump, based on the angry hornet's nest
noise it has always made since owning it, and the stumbling under
boost that the car has, which is exacerbated by it now running up to 1
bar of boost.

I have a couple of CIS fuel pumps from 5k turbos, and I've heard I can
use them.  I was curious if anyone here has any comments about trying
it.  I know CIS systems are pretty high pressure, so I would imagine
the pumps are fairly capable.

447 906 091C
      86-88     5000 Turbo Quattro
      89-91     200 Turbo Quattro - 10 Valve

8A0 906 091G
      91 Only   200 Turbo Quattro - 20 Valve

If the CIS pumps won't work, then I would sooner get a beefier 0 580
254 040 or 0 580 254 044 pump instead of the stock replacement.  The
car will have RS2 stuff (turbo, EM, Racetronix 37 lb/hr injectors,
etc.) on it.

Are there any BTDT's on using that type of pump?  In addition to the
flow rate and pressure being compatible, I need to know if there are
any physical adaptations needed to make it fit.  I know the 044 is
quite different, since it's setup for inline mounting instead of
Thanks,  Ken

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