Help...any Emissions Tricks?

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Wed Jan 26 14:11:25 EST 2005

I went through this in the fall I got the car pretty close but ended up 
putting on new cats (second time). I was able to test the car after all 
my work at a friends shop and found the car just could not clean the 
hydrocarbons any better. I had noticed one of my plugs was dirty from 
probably burning oil and we figured my oil use killed the cats. So if 
you think the cats are ok you might check into one of  these additives 
that claim the car will pass smog when added to the gas and run it 
through the engine.
Just a thought
Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

Kevin McCalla wrote:

>To make a long story short, I've done all the tune-up
>stuff and finally brought my Hydrocarbons at idle from
>279 down to 153ppm.  The limit here in VA is 125.  The
>main culprit was the not-so-old O2 sensor.  I do have
>fresh synthetic oil and a new OEM air filter.  I get
>one free re-test.  If I don't pass this I may just
>drive it off a cliff.  I'm going to make arrangements
>for them to test it right after I bring it in HOT. 
>Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.  -Kevin  
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