Clutch issues

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Fri Jan 28 12:37:42 EST 2005

Hi guys, here is a stumper.

Had a new clutch installed about 4000 miles ago.  Bought the kit from Blau 
and had a good local shop install it.  The clutch had a very slight shimmy for 
the first 2000 miles.

This week it started going into reverse hard (grinding), and down shifting 
into 2nd and 1st got difficult.  Brought the car into the same shop, and they 
thought it was a hydraulic problem.  So I replaced the Master and Slave 
cylinder.  The problem was still their but not as bad.  Adjusted the master about 3/8 
inch and it improved slightly.  When the car is cold the problem is slight, 
however after being driven a few miles, I cannot get reverse without grinding, 
and shifting down to first is a bit notchy feeling, 2nd is good.  The Hydraulic 
hose seems good, no leaks or bulges.  The clutch begins to engage about 3 
inches off the floor.

The mechanics are stumped, they think it might be a bad pressure plate.  My 
problem is that if it is, they provided the labor and I brought in the parts, 
thus no complete job warrantee.

Any ideas.

91 Avant 
182k miles 

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