Clutch issues

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Have you thoroughly bled the hydraulic clutch circuit with a power bleeder?
I know that the system is supposed to be self-bleeding, but it sure couldn't
hurt.  What about the shifter action itself?  Is it still tight or has that
become sloppy as well?


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> Hi guys, here is a stumper.
> Had a new clutch installed about 4000 miles ago.  Bought the kit from Blau
> and had a good local shop install it.  The clutch had a very slight shimmy
> the first 2000 miles.
> This week it started going into reverse hard (grinding), and down shifting
> into 2nd and 1st got difficult.  Brought the car into the same shop, and
> thought it was a hydraulic problem.  So I replaced the Master and Slave
> cylinder.  The problem was still their but not as bad.  Adjusted the
master about 3/8
> inch and it improved slightly.  When the car is cold the problem is
> however after being driven a few miles, I cannot get reverse without
> and shifting down to first is a bit notchy feeling, 2nd is good.  The
> hose seems good, no leaks or bulges.  The clutch begins to engage about 3
> inches off the floor.
> The mechanics are stumped, they think it might be a bad pressure plate.
> problem is that if it is, they provided the labor and I brought in the
> thus no complete job warrantee.
> Any ideas.
> Pete
> 91 Avant
> 182k miles
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