Replacement drive shaft

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Jul 6 17:35:54 EDT 2005


I have rebuilt several 44 chassis shafts.  You need to first find out just
what needs replacing.  Before removing, under the car check for loose joints
and center bearing.  Scribe the floor pan for exact location of center
support bearing and don't loose the shim washers when removing it from the
pan.  Most probably CV joints are OK, just need relubing, especially the
front one, runs hot over the exhaust.  More likely problem is the center U
joint, has it ever been relubed, grease fitting?  Or the center support
bearing and/or its rubber mounting.  The U joint is a standard automotive
part, NAPA or other.  Be sure to get one with a zerk fitting.  The shaft is
a balanced assembly, so if you separate the two halves, mark them so that
they go back with the same orientation.  The alignment upon reinstallation
does not require the special tool, and the procedure will be obvious to any
DIYer.  Check the archives or Chris Miller's site for the center support
bearing.  I used one from a Ford Ranger.  Others have found BMW and Mercedes
parts as exact replacements.  While you're in there, time to relube the
emergency brake cable.  Also with the DS out, one can easily check the
alignment of the engine crank axis to that of the rear end with high
accuracy, more difficult to correct any discovered misalignment, BTDT.

Ask specific Qs!


> From: George Sidman <sidman at>
> Bernie:    I note that Bentley says they are not
> rebuildable, but Chris Miller and others indicate that the
> parts are available. I have printed out the instructions
> from Chris' site, he warns the part numbers may not be
> accurate. Do you have a source of parts and process?
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