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First wanted to make sure the groaning sound was heard in your car, and it 
appears that is the case.  From there, the groaning in your steering column 
may be the steering column, and I think I've heard it said this is tied into 
bearings in the column.  I've heard similar noises in my car, in the 
steering rack specifically, after driving for a while and this was the 
response I got, at least in substance, not in flippancy.  Next time you hear 
the noise, try putting a slight upward and/or downward pressure on the 
steering wheel while turning and see if you hear any difference in the 
noise.  Of course your going to want to apply the upward and downward 
pressures at different times so as not to cancel one another out.

WRT your brake thing, don't know, maybe it's psychosomatic projection to 
your car based on logic, ie steering and brake assist run off same pump, 
steering is noisy, I think the brakes are weird right now too.

If you are getting the same noise I am, not something to worry about running 
out and fixing; I'd just consider it a nuisance, not maintenance issue.

Derek P

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Lets see if anybody has had this happen. Occasionaly on my 200, with 150k
miles on it, I hear a groaning sound while turning the steering wheel. More
recently and consistently, after driving the car about 2 hours,  I start
hearing this groaning in the steering and also the brake pedal engages
(starts braking) higher in it's stroke, like almost near the top. Still
brakes okay. Any advice? Maybe hydraulic pump problem?

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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