Running Rich (LONG)

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri Mar 4 16:35:55 EST 2005

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15 minutes on the highway going average 75 (my speedo is off by 5, so it
shows 80...) and 15 minutes in the city.  I cant get more than 300 miles
off a tank, which is 17.5 mpg.

However this is on 89 gas, since 93 makes absolutely no improvement.


I use 87 octane and pull 1.8 bar at sea level no problems. Just did a trip 
last weekend that was 456 miles between fill ups, mostly hiway cruising 
80ish and got just over 25mpg. It should be better but I still have the 
studs on. I also see no improvement on 91 or higher octane. I see 20ish 
driving with a heavy foot for mixed driving.

I would say that if your exhaust is not black as you say, then you are not 
running rich. Have you pulled a spark plug and checked it? Be sure it is the 
correct type for the car. F5DPOR as I recall.


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