rebuilt alternator

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at
Sat Mar 5 14:24:37 EST 2005

That is not a resistor but a capacitor, reduces
the "alternator whine" to a small extent and also
helps protect the electronics from voltage spikes.

If you can easily add it back on, go ahead and
do it, will give you an extra margin of protection,
and not do any harm,


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> Just got my alternator back from being rebuilt. I
> noticed on the back of it that there is now a clip for
> a resistor. The one I took out did not have one. I
> have an old 110 amp in my garage with a resistor on
> it. I asked the alternator place if i needed one and
> they said not really. What does the resistor do and
> should i put the one from my old alt onto my rebuilt
> one. They are both 110 amp. 
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