Correct Battery for 200 20v

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Fri Mar 11 16:08:59 EST 2005


You can get a vent "kit" from your interstate dealer (gratis) that allows 
you to use the stock audi vent lines.



At 03:05 AM 3/11/2005, Steve Scalmanini wrote:
>I tried one or two Interstate batteries 3-4  years back when I last
>replaced my battery and I do NOT recommend them.  Not because their
>quality is poor, per se, but because their vent hole is in the middle
>of the rear side instead of in the end of the left side.  Attaching
>to this vent hole is not possible because the battery holding bracket
>is in the way.  The hole in the Interstate battery was also oval, not
>round, so I couldn't get a 90' adapter into it to adapt from the hole
>in the battery to the vent tube.  (The OEM battery has a round nipple
>built-in to the end of the battery, to attache the vent hose directly.)

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